The Ford Transit Connect is a luxury van with great potential in the load capacity. With 5.2 square metres of available space and 1.2 tons capacity, this has the makings of a carrier. It, however, only reaches its full potential when it is accessorized accordingly. The racking made for Ford Transit Connect has the ability of rousing the full potential of this vehicle. 

The benefit of adding racking accessories is they create an organized space. This allows a business owner peace of mind, knowing where everything is at all times. Another benefit deriving from a good organization is the fact that the van's interior becomes safer, with all tools and knick-knacks held in one place. Arrangement also frees up more cargo space, which makes this investment a real lifesaver and game-changer, for one's personal life as well as for business duties.

Ford Transit Connect Racking Abilities

The Ford Transit Connect​ racking system is manufactured with lightweight steel that is galvanized by aluminium to protect it, make it stronger, and have it last longer. For the sake of safety, Ford Transit Connect racking systems​​ are double folded on their edges to dull sharpness. The double folds also serve to give stability to the shelves. 

Specialized shelving in the Standard and Pro series is made with drawers and designer compartments that keep tools and gadgets in their rightful places. The drawers are supported with a ball bearing drawing mechanism for stability. The systems are made so meticulously that they have a 30 days return policy if the product is not satisfactory, and a 36 months guarantee of free service. The shelving is made to fit into the pre-done Ford body and does not require any additional holes to be made for it either. ​​